3-in-1 baby bear application brush

by prtygrl

this cute baby bear application brush can take your self care routine from 1 to 100! let’s get into the details:

♡ the top of this application brush can be used with our whipped lip scrubs or alone for a great soft lip exfoliation. use this brush to rid your lips of dry, dead skin and pair with a whipped lip scrub to deeply hydrate your lips.

♡ also, use this top of this application brush to gently massage your facial wash into your skin. it give a great soft exfoliation. 

♡ the bottom of this brush is great for application, use it to apply our body milks, lip masks or even serums.

this brush is made of silicone

other uses: suitable for facial mask, clay mask, mud mask, peel, serum, body lotion, body butter ,diy mask,and other skincare products.


easy to clean: just clean with warm water or rubbing alcohol